Trees have long been recognized for the beauty and value they lend to our homes, neighborhoods, parks and business areas. Not only do trees enhance and beautify our city, they also provide shade and visual screening, conserve energy, help clean the air, store carbon, protect our rivers and streams and provide shelter for wildlife.


The City of Red Lodge is fortunate to be situated in a corridor and climate conducive to continued tree growth. In addition, many early community members recognized the value of trees and chose to plant a variety of species within the parks and along the streets. We are now enjoying the benefits of mature trees thanks to the investment and commitment of the early settlers.

 Current Efforts

Today, the City continues its commitment to the maintenance & enhancement of its “urban forest” by participating in annual Arbor Day activities, membership in the Tree City USA program, and support for the Parks Board and Public Works Department which plan and maintain public trees. For more information read the Urban Forestry Management Plan.

  • The City received State and Federal grant funding for the Urban Forestry cost-share tree program for a sixth year to support the addition of 10 more trees in 2018.Growth Award Tree City
  • A supplemental Tree City USA Growth Award was awarded to the City for the first time. Points were earned for annual increases in spending on urban forests, continuing education for tree board members, City zoning ordinance regulations updates to improve the standards in trees in parking lots, the cost-share street tree planting program and the wildland fire prevention program.
  • Over 100 trees on City street boulevards were pruned during Spring 2018 by Parks Board Tree Committee and several community volunteers.

Cost-Share Tree Planting Program

PlantATreeThe Cost-Share Tree Planting Program has been suspended for 2019 due to limited funds for Urban Forestry. Hopefully funds will be identified so the program can be reinstated in 2020.

The City of Red Lodge Parks Board, with funding from the MT Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, is offered a cost-share tree planting opportunity to encourage tree plantings along street boulevards.

For $95 per tree, the City planted trees on City-owned land adjacent to private property (the area typically between the sidewalk and the street).  Planting included the necessary stakes and caging to protect trees from wildlife.  All the property owner had to do was water, prune and provide long-term care for the tree.

Cost-share tree applicants must be the owner of the property and the property must be within the City of Red Lodge.

Previous Year’s Results: 2018, 20172016, 20152014, 2013


Regulations for Trees on Public Rights-of-Way

Ordinance 919, Regulations of Trees on City Owned Land and City Maintained Public Rights-of-Way was passed by the Council in November, 2015.
Preferred and Prohibited Tree Species
Tree Owners Manual – U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service
Landscaping Permit