Red Lodge is a small mountain town defined by values of community and environmental quality. Because of this, The City of Red Lodge has long been committed to environmental protection and sustainability. In order to achieve these goals, the City employed an Energy Corps AmeriCorps member to coordinate energy and sustainability related projects from 2015-2019. After the program was discontinued in Montana in 2020, these goals are achieved by a collaboration between City staff and the City Sustainability Board.

The Energy Corps AmeriCorps project was an initiative of the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) in cooperation with The Corporation for National and Community Service. It was created to address unmet community energy needs by promoting sustainable energy consumption and education, fostering community sustainability and helping to mitigate the effects of global climate change.

Even without access to an Energy Corps member, the City is committed to completing energy efficiency, renewable energy, and waste management projects. This work is a valuable asset to the community because it saves the taxpayer’s money in the long term, reduces carbon emissions, and promotes tourism.


The City of Red Lodge seeks a qualified energy service provider (ESP) to perform an investment grade audit (IGA) and develop an energy performance project proposal. To be eligible for consideration, the ESP must be pre-qualified with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Energy Performance Contracting Program. Only qualified energy service providers listed by the Department will be considered.

The goal of the project is for the selected ESP to evaluate the City’s facilities for energy, water, and operational upgrades, to provide a comprehensive energy audit report, and to make recommendations for possible utility cost savings projects in the form of a project proposal. If the City decides to undertake the proposed project, it must first negotiate an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) with the selected ESP. If an EPC is agreed to and signed, the ESP would then assist the City with arranging financing of the proposed project, provide design, project management and implementation, and track both short term gains and long term results of projects, and guarantee cost savings.

Detailed Request for Proposals (RFP).

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