Accomplishing projects that decrease energy costs and promote sustainability is the priority of the City Sustainability Coordinator. Management plans for completed projects and an update on projects that are in progress can be found below.

Completed Projects

Projects In-Progress

  • City Hall Building Upgrades
    • On March 15th, R49 Insulation was added to the attic at City Hall. This project will decrease our heating and cooling costs and help keep the building at a more comfortable temperature. We are also looking into the feasibility of installing all new windows at City Hall. We have solicited bids from local installers, and believe that new windows would significantly impact our energy bills by reducing the amount of heat that leaves the building during the winter months.
  • SolSmart Designation
    • The City Planner, Sustainability Coordinator, and The Montana Renewable Energy Association are working together to get Red Lodge designated as a SolSmart community. SolSmart is a nation-wide program sponsored by the US Department of Energy that recognizes communities who promote the local expansion of solar energy. It works to decrease the soft-costs of solar installations and helps City officials understand how their code and zoning laws relate to solar energy.
  • Solar Panel Installation at the Red Lodge Carnegie Library
    • The Red Lodge Carnegie Library has partnered with the City Sustainability Coordinator to look into the feasibility of installing a solar photovoltic system on the Library rooftop. A grant that would fund 90% of the project costs has been identified and applied for.
    • The Mayor’s letter of support for this initiative can found here.
  • Expanded LED Streetlight Retrofit
    • The City and NorthWestern Energy are currently discussing how to retrofit the 24 decorative streetlights on Broadway. If the retrofit takes place, our streetlight energy bills will decrease by $4,000 per year.