As provided for in City Ordinance 890-A, “Nuisance Weeds” are all weeds, grasses and uncared for vegetation growing to a height in excess of 8” between July 15th and Oct. 31st each year. The City believes that Nuisance Weeds present a fire hazard and therefore their elimination is in the best interest of the Public. All Nuisance Weeds must be removed from properties within the City of Red Lodge between July 15th and Oct. 31st each year. Based upon the weather of the season, the removal of Nuisance Weeds may be required multiple times.

In the event Nuisance Weeds are found to exist within the City, the property owner will be notified. If the Nuisance Weeds remain after July 15th, or return at any time before Oct. 31st, the City will have the Nuisance Weeds removed. At that point, the City will invoice the property owner for the cost of removal along with a fine of $250.00.

Click here for Ordinance 890-A, Nuisance Weeds

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DIRECT DIAL PHONE NUMBER FOR NOXIOUS WEEDS – 406-445-1059 or 446-1606, ext 119