About the Community Development Department

The Community Development Department houses both the Building Division and the Planning & Zoning Division. It has a pivotal role in managing and protecting the City’s natural and built environment, its sense of place, and its rich quality of life.

Some of the tools the Community Development Department manage and use in implementing its department goals include the 2018 International Building Codes; City Growth Policy; City Parks Plan; City Subdivision and Zoning Regulations, Floodplain Regulations, Interlocal Agreements; Memorandums of Understanding; City Capital Improvements Plan; Energy Conservation Plan; and myriad external grant programs.

The Department assists the City Council and Mayor with recommendations to ensure that the City grows in a manner which is both fiscally sound and economically beneficial to the Red Lodge Community.

The Community Development Department works very closely and in support of the Mayor, City Council, Building Board of Appeals, Red Lodge Planning Board and Zoning Commission, Parks Board, and Zoning Board of Adjustment.

The Community Development Director provides oversight to the City Building Inspector and the Assistant Planner. The Director also works very closely with the Mayor on Budgeting and Special Projects.

Located: City Hall 1 Platt Avenue South (1 block East of Broadway on 11th Street)


James Caniglia – Community Development Director
E-mail: jcaniglia@cityofredlodge.com
Phone: 406-446-1606 ext 117
Fax: 406-446-3936

Tim Swansborough – City Building Inspector
E-mail: buildinginspector@cityofredlodge.com
Phone: 406-446-0196
Fax: 406-446-3936

Courtney Long – Assistant Planner
E-mail: clong@cityofredlodge.com
Phone: 406-446-1606 ext 118
Fax: 406-446-3936



The Building Division provides assistance and guidance to its customers for all construction related activities within the City. When a required building permit is issued, it authorizes performance of a specified activity; and ensures an increased level of protection for the occupants of buildings by reducing the potential hazards of unsafe construction, thereby ensuring increased public health, safety and welfare. The City Building Inspector shall receive applications, review construction documents and issue permits for the installation and alteration of buildings and structures, inspect the premises for permits that have been issued and enforce compliance with the provisions of the adopted Code. Applications may be submitted in person to the City of Red Lodge Building Division during the in-office hours noted below —

Building Inspector’s Availability:

  • Peak Construction Season: April 1st – October 31st Hours in the Office: Monday – Friday 8a.m. – 9a.m. and 11a.m. – Noon
  • Off-Peak Construction Season: November 1st – March 31st Subject to Availability and Change — Hours in the Office: Friday 8a.m. – 9a.m. and 11a.m. – Noon

In 2020 the City Council adopted the 2018 family of the International Codes. Please contact the City Building Inspector for more detail regarding each individual code and its applicability.


The Red Lodge Board of Appeals members are appointed by the Mayor and City Council to hear and decide appeals of orders, decisions, or determinations made by the City Building Inspector about the application and interpretation of the City Building Code.

Great communities do not just happen.  Choices concerning the development of communities should reflect widely held community values that consider citizen health, safety, conservation of resources, efficiency, beauty and equity.  The vision of the City’s citizens is embodied in the City Growth Policy, the keystone to the City’s growth management program.  The Planning and Zoning Division facilitates implementation of the Growth Policy through review of land use applications, which are presented to the Planning Board as the decision-making body. The vision of the Growth Policy is further expressed in policy and regulatory documents, including but not limited to the Parks Plan, Subdivision Regulations, and Zoning Code.

Planning and Zoning Division staff evaluate land-use proposals for conformance with the regulations and Growth Policy goals. The division issues sign permits; and also coordinates closely with the City’s Legal Team and Police Department regarding Zoning Code compliance. In addition, administrative support is provided to the Planning Board, the Parks Board, the Board of Adjustment, and the City Council.

2020 Red Lodge Growth Policy– The Growth Policy is a vision plan that sets forth the future path for the City. It helps the citizens of Red Lodge sustain and enhance their sense of place and spirit of community as growth occurs. Specifically, this plan provides policy guidance for the public investment in infrastructure and land use decisions that will determine the pattern and quality of future development. Great places attract great people. The historically Western character and pedestrian scale of the City and Central Business District are complemented by stunning views of the Beartooth Mountains and the recreational opportunities available on nearby public lands. These features make Red Lodge uniquely American and a great place to live.

2015 Growth Policy Implementation (Priorities)
Council members identified the highest priorities that have not yet been implemented to ensure that implementation of the goals and strategies occur before the next update of the Growth Policy in 2020. The top five priorities are identified by Chapter number and have been extracted into this section. The full report follows the Summary of Priorities.

2016 Zoning Regulations  – The City Zoning Regulations are a portion of the City Municipal Code, adopted by the City Council that establishes land use classifications within zone districts. The health, safety, convenience, aesthetics and welfare of the present and future residents of Red Lodge are assured through the regulations, prohibitions, and procedures described within the document.

The Zoning Regulations govern the use of land for residential and non-residential purposes, limit the height and bulk of buildings and other structures, limit lot occupancy and determine the setbacks and provide for open spaces, by establishing standards of performance and design.

The Zoning Regulations also prescribe:

  • Procedures for changes and modifications of districts,
  • Conditional use permits, variances, and other permits,
  • Procedures for nonconforming uses and buildings,
  • Regulations for accessory uses and buildings,
  • Defines terms, provides a means of appeal, and remedies for violation of its provisions. The methods for modification to the Zoning Resolutions are also established.

2016 Zoning Maps

2016 Static Zoning Map – This Zoning Map accompanies the 2016 Zoning Regulations. It can be viewed online or downloaded.

Or view the 2016 Interactive Zoning Map below:


2011 Subdivision Regulations

These regulations implement the goals and strategies of the Red Lodge Growth Policy and promote the public health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of Red Lodge. The regulations provide for orderly development in accordance with adopted growth policies, neighborhood plans, motorized and non-motorized transportation plans, park plans, and other adopted policies and plans.

2015 Comprehensive Parks Plan

City Parks and their amenities are primarily funded through the resort tax. The Parks Board requests an annual budget based upon the available tax revenue.

The City maintains parks in conjunction with volunteer groups such as the Lions Club, Rotary, Red Lodge Ice, Youth Baseball, Adult Softball, Beartooth Recreational Trails Association; as well as the Tennis, Skate Park, and Dog Park user groups.

Facilities in City Parks may include irrigated bluegrass and native grass sport fields, basketball courts, a volleyball court, skate areas, picnic tables and shelters, playgrounds, off-leash dog parks, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, trails, disc golf and restrooms.

Floodplain Map

Active Transportation Plan  

The basis for the recommendations in the Active Transportation Plan is the vision statement “Red Lodge is a dynamic community with well-connected neighborhoods and an attractive core area where non-motorized travel is safe, accessible and encouraged for people of all ages and abilities.  A community that promotes social interaction, sustainability and economic viability that evokes civic pride from residents and appreciation from visitors.”


The City of Red Lodge has been approved as an affiliate member of the Montana Main Street Program, administered by the Community Development Division of the Montana Department of Commerce.  The Montana Main Street Program helps communities strengthen and preserve their historic downtown commercial districts by focusing on economic development, urban revitalization and historic preservation through proactive long-range planning, organization, design and promotion.  For more information refer to the following link:

Red Lodge Montana Main Street Application, Acceptance and Grant Award
Application Overview
Application Narrative
Support Letters
Acceptance Letter
Main Street Grant Award

Plan Documents
Downtown Red Lodge Assessment and Action Plan, 2006
Wayfinding Plan Report, 2017
Wayfinding Plan Appendix, 2017

Wayfinding Signs Implementation
Wayfinding Signs – Solicitation for Bids According to Design Specifications

Main Street Quarterly Reports
July-September 2020
April-June 2020
January-March 2020
October-December 2019
July-September 2019
April-June 2019
January-March 2019
October-December 2018
July-September 2018
April 2017-June 2018 (no reports)
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Subsidence Monitoring & Analysis Final Report (SMAR)

SMAR Figures 


Deannexation of the Fairgrounds

Fairgrounds Legal Deannexation Map